At WLC, our goal is to ensure that we install the ideal landscape design for your property. That’s why we maintain experts on staff who know how to partner closely with your landscape design architect. Over the years, we’re proud to say that we’ve installed designs successfully for firms such as Ashworth Group, Hershberger Design, Jorgensen Associates and Pierson Land Works.


We can make some recommendations of reputable firms in the area and can provide additional consultation as needed. If you’re unable to hire an architect for smaller landscape development projects, our on-staff designers can help.

Whether we work with a design architect or you directly, our approach is collaborative. We combine an analysis of your property’s external factors, such as sun exposures, existing vegetation and other surroundings, with your lifestyle, preferences and budget requirements. This allows us to fully understand you and the landscape solutions that will best fit you. The result is a blending of current surroundings with creative and aesthetically pleasing designs that will transform your property to a beautiful and serene landscape.

So you’re ready to invest in your property but you’re not sure where to begin? It’s simple to design your dream landscape in three easy steps…

Step One

To start, you need to define your practical needs, budget and style preferences. Some key considerations will be:

  • How do you want to use your area?
  • Are you looking for privacy?
  • Do you need a play area for kids?
  • Do you need a deck or patio for entertaining?
  • How does the sun hit your property? Is there a need to create shade?
  • Do you want the peaceful sounds of water features or a pond?
  • What type of garden, plants and trees do you love?
  • What’s the best way to keep the value of your home?

It may also help to look through magazines, Houzz or Pinterest to share pictures of your ideal landscape and special features with us and / or your landscape design architect so that we can visualize your likes and tastes.

Step Two

Next, we listen attentively and pay close attention to the details. Based on our initial discussion and your input, we will work with you and your landscape design architect for large-scale projects or create landscape design alternatives for smaller projects.

We present you with cost estimates using the latest, innovative and progressive techniques. Through a collaborative effort, we work with you to fine tune the design to ensure it fully reflects your needs and lifestyle.

Step Three

Your design is complete and now it’s time to get started with construction. It starts with an introduction to your installation team lead and an overall plan that clearly communicates project timing. And because we are so confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results, we back all of our work with a complete warranty.