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Wyoming Firewood is based in Jackson Hole and is committed to protecting our natural resources and our business adheres to this philosophy.

As such, our primary source of firewood—the beetle kill forest—reduces the likelihood of forest fires in the Jackson Hole area. In addition, we replant where we harvest firewood with saplings in order to restore the beautiful forests of Jackson Hole and the surrounding areas. We offer our clients a unique and remarkable opportunity to participate in our local sustainability efforts.

Our company can deliver our firewood to our clients in either pre-packed reusable boxes on shrink-wrapped pallets or in bulk with no packaging. Wyoming Firewood can deliver to any location and even stack it where ever you desire. Boxes and bulk firewood can be delivered to your home, rental properties, or place of business in any quantity. Let Wyoming Firewood make your firewood supply a clean hassle free experience. With our minimal packaging and optimum delivery, Wyoming Firewood’s aim is to produce sustainable firewood at a premium discount to our clients. Our fast and reliable firewood delivery service ensures less packaging and more satisfaction to give our clients the comfort they need and deserve.

Of course, when you are ready to start a fire, Wyoming Firewood’s boxes help contain bark and wood debris and prevent a mess by your fireplace. The firewood itself is clean and pest free so there is no worry about spiders or other insects running loose in your home.

Do you know that a lot of firewood in our area is trucked in from hundreds of miles way? Wyoming Firewood’s aim is to be your local firewood supplier and to reduce the carbon footprint that the wood travels. – It’s just another part of our sustainability efforts. We furthermore appreciate your support in a local firewood company that works to sustain the forests of Jackson Hole and the surrounding areas.


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